Mo is the son of immigrant parents from Cuba and was born in Brooklyn, New York. When he was a young child, his parents moved to Las Vegas where his father worked in room service at The Sands Hotel & Casino for many years.

After graduating from Rancho High School, Mo went to Brigham Young University in Utah for one year to study music and then left to serve a two-year mission for his church in Uruguay. Upon returning to BYU, Mo met his wife Susan whom he married soon after. The couple had their first born soon thereafter, compelling Mo to leave college and seek work to support his family. Years later, wanting to finish what he started, he finished his music degree.

Together with a friend, Mo opened a music store where he learned valuable lessons in entrepreneurship and business management. It was upon running into a computer tech group at the library where he found his next professional opportunity. This group opened him up to learning more about computers and he would then embark on a long technical career. Mo has since focused on a computer technical career, having served in that capacity for the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada for 17 years. He is now working as a realtor.

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